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1.5mm Thermaflex neoprene leggings with Duratex II at seat part and knee/shin panel. There is capability to add ProHike pads into the seat part through a Hook & loop attachment at the inside surface. The fit has been developed for performance through a high curved waist profile with strong elastic tab adjustment pulling around the sides – perfect to get the perfect secure fit on a range of body shapes. Through the use of 2 panels above the Duratex II seat panel, position of the waistband is not compromised and movement is maximised especially when worn in conjunction with ProHike pads, which add weight.

The super stretch neoprene adds a thin layer of insulation perfect for summer sailing and warmer climates, with added wind chill protection.


  • Duratex II seat part with internal ProHike pad attachment capability
  • Duratex II knee/shin panels with additional padding
  • Secure fit waistband with strong elastic tab adjustment
  • Curved waist profile for a better fit
  • Additional panel at back (above seat panel) for manoeuvrability
  • Prebent knees
  • Raw edge ankle cuffs


  • Thermaflex Superstretch 1.5mm Neoprene
  • Duratex II
  • Limestone based Neoprene

Thermoflex 1.5mm Leggings


    Our mid to lightweight neoprene collection ideal for temperatures ranging from 12-20 degrees Celcius. The Thermaflex® range uses a super soft and stretchy lightweight neoprene in either a 1.5mm thickness (on our longjohns and tops) or a 3/2mm thickness (on the fullsuit). We combine the superstretch neoprene with several different linings and outer surface fabrics to give the best performance in our products. All Thermaflex® products use Flatlock stitching for added durability and to assist in breathability. 

    Again, same as the Supertherm®, from 2020 we have moved over to more eco friendly premium materials and linings, with enhanced fit, features, and comfort. This is currently only in our unisex range, but the we are working on moving the Women's range in the same direction in the next couple of years. The range benefits from:




    Natural earth mined limestone is used to form the neoprene replacing traditional petroleum based neoprene, which can also cause less skin irritations. Comes from nature and has less environmental impact.


    This is a breathable neoprene that we use on the underarm and crotch panels. It works by creating channels to allow body heat and sweat to go through, whilst regulating temperature.


    Used in conjunction with the Ventiprene® panels at the underarms and crotch for fresh kit


    Saves 60% water and energy consumption


    On the black surface fabric, we use polyester made from recycled plastic bottles. 45 plastic bottles are sufficient to make 1 suit - all helping to improve the product lifecycle.


    Durable water repellent treatment used on arms and front of legs to aid in windchill and improve performance.


    Our most durable abrasion resistant fabric yet, with rubber impregnated into the fibres to give extra protection on the seat and knees.



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