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Brand New Product - Stock due by Christmas


Fatstick have pioneered this adaptive SUP seat for people with health issues, restricted mobility or disabilities to access the world of Paddleboarding and kayaking more comfortably than a standard folding kayak conversion seat. 

This seat can be quickly and easily attached to any board or kayak with D-Rings using the supplied straps, and can also double up as a padded beach chair. 


Key Features:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic inflatible seat with strengthening straps on each side for extra support
  • Connects to any paddleboard or kayak with D-Rins with included ratchet straps.
  • Offers superior support than traditional SUP Seats
  • Lifts the ride up off the board, to keep you dry and with a better seated position that traditional conversion seats.
  • Perfect for those suffering with back pain, or lower limb joint/mobility issues
  • Allows people with limited use of lower limbs to enjoy the sport of paddleboarding
  • Aids Neuro-diverse people to get out and enjoy the many benefits of being on the water
  • Can even be used as a portable comfy beach chair solution



Dimensions: Seat Width 48cm  Base 52cm Height 55cm Thickness 8cm

Inflates within minutes and packs back up into a small space

Simply use the provided straps to connect it to your board

Can be inflated by most standard paddleboard pumps with a variety of connectors. 

Adaptive Inflatable PaddleboardKayak SUP Seat and Beach Chair

Stock Due for Christmas Delivery
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