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Paddle board specific buoyancy aid that is particularly comfortable for Curvier Riders

SUP inflatables have tried and tested this buoyancy aid and have brought it onto the shelves for those riders who prefer a buoyancy aid over a waist PFD... and specifically for those riders that are curvier, This Yak Kallista buoyancy aid is still great for riders that are a bit more straight up and down too but we have found that the curvier rider needs a bit more attention from design when it comes to a well thought out comfy to wear buoyancy aid so we have hunted high and low so our lovely customers don't have too!:)

The Yak Kallista paddle board buoyancy aid has some special features that allow it to be a buoyancy aid for the curvier rider. This Yak buoyancy aid has adjustable shoulder straps which is the key factor for a comfortable buoyancy aid for larger chests, alongside the slimmer buoyancy foam and premium front zip allow this buoyancy aid to be easily put on (like a jacket rather than over the head) and if the rider falls off the board the thin profile foam of this buoyancy aid allows the rider to more easily get back on the board.

Yak completely redesigned the classic Kallista PFD. They called upon their dedicated in-house design team and tasked them to use their huge expertise in the PFD market to improve on an already excellent product. Each element was reviewed in turn, improved where possible, and then the parts combined, and reviewed and improved again! The result of this process is the most comfortable and secure PFD Yak has ever made at this level.

You Tube Video review of the Kallista Buoyancy Aid

Robust outer cover material to improve wear characteristics and product longevity
Redesigned thinner, more flexible foam panels to offer greater wearer comfort
Optimised foam construction to give best balance of comfort and light weight
Fuss free front zip donning makes life simple and eliminates user confusion
Buckle free front panel which removes the most common potential snag point
Dual side adjustment to give the best possible fit and security in the water
Padded shoulder adjustment to allow a wide size range adjustment
Versatile front pocket, which is big enough to take the essentials (it’s all about the gram!!)
Secure in-seam key pocket, cunningly sitting between the foam to improve comfort
Reflective highlights to improve low light visibility

Size Guide
The size of this buoyancy aid is based on chest measurement as well as rider weight, however, there is a lot of adjustment in this buoyancy aid if you need to share.

Chest measurement 66-86cm 
Weight 30-40Kg

Small / Medium
Chest measurement 86-99cm 
Weight above 40 Kg

Medium / Large
Chest measurement 99-111cm 
Weight above 70 Kg

X Large
Chest measurement 111-124cm 
Weight above 70 Kg

XX Large
Chest measurement 111-124cm 
Weight above 70 Kg

Yak Kallista 50N Paddleboard PFD Bouyancy Aid

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