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Fin 100 is a 3-piece adjustable fully carbon paddle available in 2 sizes for All Round or Touring use.

Super durable and super light, it can be shared among family members and friends (although you may not want to relinquish it!) and easily transported or stored away when not it use.


It has either a small or medium sized hybrid blade and is the smallest and lightest in our collection.  Ideal for lond distance or a racing paddle, it is also suitable for smaller paddlers.

The smaller blade angle will help to improve speed, offering an excellent upgrade to your standard kit paddle.


Technical Specifications

Size: Small

Weight: 600g (±5%)

Length 220cm max length.

Blade Area: 76sq inches.


Size Medium

Weight 630g (±5%)

Length: 220cm max adjustable height.

Blade Area: 87sq inches.Beautiful graphic on the front part of the blade


Anti-Twist Shaft Technology for smooth paddling

Double joint system shaft.

Fully carbon shaft, carbon handle, carbon blade.

3K Prepeg carbon fibre.

CNC HD technology for precision design and finish.Reinforced carbon filament edge.

9° Blade angle.

Reinforced Structure.

PMI core for super lightness



1 Year Warranty



Plastic Free and Fully Recyclable

Keiko Fin 100 Carbon Paddle

  • Proceeds from this purchase will go towards:

    We will plant a tree.

    5%  profit will go to marine conservation.

    5%  profit will go to river and ocean clean up projects

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